We’ll introduce you to our players, who are actively looking for apps to use every day.


We turn a sports fan’s existing passion into a pattern of repeat usage beneficial to you!


We reward the right person with the right reward for doing things that create value for you.

How it works

We’re the only casual gaming experience tapping into the world of professional and college sports with our Louder Rewards apps.

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We guarantee the performance of our Engage Platform. Run a test with us and if you aren’t blown away, you won’t pay for the installs.

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Our users are highly active and want to use your app for our rewards. We provide the ideal clientele for all mobile apps, trendy female sports fans! We deliver brand experiences that turn players into purchasers at a higher rate than nearly any other comparable source.


US Inventory


College Educated




Female Audience


25-34 Years Old


35-44 Years Old


45-54 Years Old

We’ve had consistent in-app purchase rates over 5% with several over 25%


Our players want to use your app! They are looking for engaging new apps to use on a daily basis and play the games they enjoy far beyond the rewarded time period.

The relationship we develop with our players is the most important part of our business. We turn a sports fan’s existing passion into a pattern of repeat usage that leads to purchases beneficial to our network of sponsors. Rewarding our players creates a regular cadence that overcomes the default patterns of churn the typical new customer experiences.

Sponsor Guard™

Our proprietary scoring system monitors the behaviors that create value for our sponsors. We create a “Prestige Score” to identify the players most likely to interact with your app or product. Players who are “point vacuums” and don’t support our sponsors lose prestige, and future point opportunities are reduced or removed, giving higher-scoring players the most opportunities to interact with and create value for our sponsors. Sponsor Guard can identify a player’s potential for engagement by watching things like in-app purchase history, phone type and available storage space.


We are so confident in our Engage platform that we’ll give you 100 installs, and if you aren’t impressed with the quality of your new traffic, you won’t pay for them.

We reward our players for completing actions that create value for our sponsors.

We don’t use incentives to get an 18 year old to sign up for retirement home services, as that does not create value for the sponsor. However, rewarding a casual gamer who loves match 3 games for playing a new match 3 game for 10-15 days creates tremendous value for all parties involved.

We know how to reward the right audience with the right reward for creating value for you. It’s all about helping sponsors hit KPIs, which we customize to each individual sponsor. You set the goals, and we’ll make sure our users meet them.

App Install Options

Incent (Burst)

This is a cost effective option for climbing the charts fast, but still getting an install from the right demographic. We reward the player for installing and opening your app. If they love it, you can grow a lifelong user.

Cost Per Action (CPA)

Players are rewarded for completing a specific objective, like reaching level 5, completing an in-app purchase, etc.

Ongoing Usage

We reward players for playing your game 10-30 days.

Each campaign delivers amazing results, targeting your 1, 7 and 30 day return rates.

Ongoing Usage Plus

Looking to drive ongoing usage and drive spending inside your app. We can reward players for daily usage plus milestone actions like daily or weekly in-app purchases.

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